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What are new features of Iphone X ?

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September 12, 2017, is the date iPhone X has launched and it not only changes the future of Mobile Phones but Apple has changed the vision of creators. As we know 12th of September was the Tenth anniversary of Apple so people was awaited to see the surprise by Apple. And as we know every year Apple launched […]

IPHONE 8 & 8+

iPhone 8 & 8+

Apple launched IPHONE 8 on its 10th anniversary & also launched iPhone X. iPhone 8 will be available from September 22, 2017. It’s pre-order will be taken from September 15, 2017. Apple also declared the realize date of IOS 11 i.e. September 19, 2017. iPhone 8 series will be having two variable models:- iPhone 8 & iPhone 8+ as […]

Just a Car or a Smart Car..???

FUTURE CARS WILL BE SMARTER… As day by day technology is upgrading & becoming vast. In future, we will be having a digital world which will be full of technology. Cars will not be just cars. They will be smart as your smart phone. Read More

Will we ride automatic bike in future..???

YESSS!!! IT IS TRUE!! In future, we will see many of automatic bikes ( just like automatic cars) by many of the well-known motorbike companies. It’s quite interesting to hear about automatic bikes & it is a good news for those who were not comfortable with the use of clutch & gear. All this is just […]

Smarter Cars…..

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Is This future for cars? or we can say this is the future for cars.  Yes right, this will Blow your mind off when you get to know that cars become intelligent.This new technology by Mercedes Benz will definitely change the future here’ how. When we looked at the Mercedes-Benz E-Class, one of the high points was the vehicle’s […]